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eBikana is an online retail platform that is completely focused on essentials needs of every family and in making that shopping experience more engaging, entertaining, effortless and stress-free. 

eBikana is all about co-creation and leverages the proximity & relationship strengths of the existing neighborhood retailers and empowers them to provide the shoppers with a richer & more convenient shopping experience. 

To ensure that shoppers on eBikana have access to all brands, we enable all national & regional brands to list their products, If you are a brand owner / manager / professional and would like to list or optimize your products on eBikana, please visit to our office to self administer your brand on eBikana.

eBikana offers a number of Premium Services, both on and off the eBikana platform, to brand owners. These Premium Services are created to help brands develop a deeper engagement with shoppers. 

  • Our business address is
  • 1-E-211,
  • Jai Narayan Vyas Colony,
  • Bikaner 334001
  • Rajasthan, IN
  • +91 94 60 60 63 63
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